The Shuttle-UM Late Shift Driver's Song

By 370 320 301 439

(To the tune of Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting) by Elton John)

It's long after dark down in College Park
The bars are all full round here
The students in town, well they've gotta get around
But they've got bellies full of beer

Don't want to walk, and they better not drive
But they need to get from here to there
No need to fuss, just get on the bus
We'll take you most anywhere

We've got the Circuit and the Courtyards Express
And College Park Metro Station
Saturday night's all right for driving
Bussing people out and in

Everybody else is gettin' wasted
But that's not for us tonight
Cause Saturday night's our night for driving
Saturday night's alright...

Well they're packed pretty tight on my bus tonight
Some of these people give me quite a fright
I hope nobody starts feeling ill
Or when I 10-19 I'll be mopping swill

One of the sounds that I like to hear
Is that Cummins turbo diesel running in the rear
Tech stocks put my college money in the trash
So I'm driving round in circles for some spending cash